Spiti to Ladakh Across Parang La - 20 Days

Trek on ancient trade route to Tso Moriri & meet Nomads of Changthang

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Trip Introduction
The Parang La is a high mountain pass located between Spiti and Ladakh. The Parang la trekking route follows an ancient, historical and traditional trade route once was between Spiti, Changthang & Tibet. it's 8 days trekking from Dumla near Kibber. The route crosses the upper reaches of the Pare Chu and continues to Lake Tsomoriri in Ladakh. The Parang La at an altitude of 5570 m. To the south of the pass, there are fewer snowfields. To the north is a long glacier crossing. To the Northwest there is Takling La, which is nowadays used less by trekkers, mostly takes the Parang La route. Opened to tourists in 1994, Potala Adventurers took the first Parang La trek in 1996, Kibber - Kiangdam - Pang trek. Since then we have organized numerous treks in this region, some of which were includes also the climb of Chamser - Lungser Kangri. To add more adventure to this trip, a Mentok Kangri climb is an option.

Setting off from Dumla near Kibber (4250m), Kibber meadows is a breeding ground for famous Spiti horses and also the home of elegant Snow Leopard. The route goes to Parilungbi gorge. Stepping over the Thaltak meadows, moraine stretches, crevasses, and glaciers, climb to the high mountain pass of Parang La (5570m). The source of Pare Chu River. Following the Pare Chu, which flows towards South into the Tibet frontier near Chumar village and again enters in Spiti valley, 
There are no people on the whole route unless you meet a few Changpa nomads near the Lake at Kiangdam. Today most nomadic herdsmen live between the valley near Thelakong la, Lanyar area. A vast valley that goes from near Kiangdam. It is a high-altitude trek, the route remains above 4400m most of the time. Thus proper acclimatization at Kaza or Kibber is essential for doing this trek. The other challenging and significant problem can be the crossing of multiple mountain streams, which can be very cold during bad weather. It is therefore essential to have good sandals. The last two campsites location are the best in the entire trek. The rewarding point is at the end of the trek when you reach deep blue turquoise Tsomoriri at the Kiangdam, southern shore of Tso-Moriri. Kiangdam is named after Kiang (Tibetan wild ass) which roams in this area. Tsomoriri is also a breeding ground for the black-necked crane, bar-headed geese, Brahminy ducks. Arriving at Korzok trail goes to the large changpa settlement at Korzok Phu and ascends to Yalung Nyau la, another high pass of this trek. Soon a series of passes and passing & meeting with Changa nomads we finish our trek at Pongunagu near Tsokar. Finally short drive to join Leh - Manali highway at Debring and to Taglang la, then along the Indus river to Leh.

Trip Facts
Region - Spiti & Rupshu Changthang Ladakh, Difficulty Level - Moderate to Strenuous, Max Altitude - 5570m, Trip Length - 21 days Delhi to Delhi, 17 days Manali to Leh
12 days of trekking, 13 nights camp, Max sleeping altitude: 5100m, Lowest trekking altitude: 4080m, 6 nights hotel, 1-night homestay, Activity - Trekking expedition, Best time - June end to Sept End.

Outline Itinerary
Day 01
:  Arrive at Delhi / Chandigarh airport. Drive to Manali. 
Day 02:  Manali.
Day 03:  Manali to Rohtang la (3978m) – Kunzom la (4551m) - Kaza (3600m)
Day 04:  At Kaza: Acclimatize
Day 05:  Kaza - Langza (4435m): Acclimatize
Day 06:  Langza to Kee - Kibber (4,205m) - Dumla (4080m) drive, Trek to Thaltak (4650m) 
Day 07:  Trek to Jugtak (4850m) - Bongrojen (5100m)
Day 08:  Trek to Dak Karzong - Kharsa gongma (4900m) cross Parang la (5570 m)
Day 09:  Trek to Dakpo Takling Chu (4800m) - Datang Yongma (4650m)
Day 10:  Trek to Umlung (4650 m) - Racholhamo (4600m)
Day 11:  Trek to Norbu sumdo (4520 m) - Chumik Shilde (4540m)
Day 12:  Trek to Kiangdam (4540 m) 
Day 13:  Trek to Korzok (4600m)
Day 14:  Korzok
Day 15:  Trek to Yalung Nyau la (5440m) - Kyama (5170m)
Day 16:  Trek to Kortse La (5380m) - Kyamayuri la (5430m) - Rachungkaru (4940m)
Day 17:  Trek to Horlam Kongka la (4900m) - Nuruchan (4650m)
Day 18:  Trek to Pongunagu (4580m) / Tsokar Lake
Day 19:  Pongunagu to Taglang La (5328m) - Leh (3600m) 
Day 20:  Leh
Day 21:  Morning flight Leh to Delhi and onward flight back to home.

Mentok Kangri Extension
Day 13:   Kiangdam to Korzok (4600m)
Day 14:  At Korzok
Day 15:  Trek to Base camp (5300m)
Day 16:  A day for preparation 
Day 17:  Ascend Mentok Kangri (6250m) - Base camp
Day 18:  Reserve day / Contingency day
Day 19:  Descent to Korzok phu (4650m)
Day 20:  Trek to Yalung Nyau la (5440m) - Kyama (5170m)
Day 21:  Trek to Kortse La (5380m) - Kyamayuri la (5430m) - Rachungkaru (4940m)
Day 22:  Trek to Horlam Kongka la (4900m) - Nuruchan (4650m)
Day 23:  Trek to Pongunagu (4580m) / Tsokar Lake
Day 24:  Pongunagu to Taglang La (5328m) - Leh (3600m) 
Day 25:  Leh
Day 26:  Morning flight Leh to Delhi and onward flight back to home.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1:  Arrive New Delhi, New Delhi to Chandigarh - Manali by private car.
Arrive at Delhi or Chandigarh airport. Pickup and drive to Manali. Arrive at Manali, check into hotel.

Day 2: At Manali - Rest & relax
At Manali: Visit local sights ie Hadimba temple, Manu temple, Vashisht hot spring, Tibetan monastery and explore Manali bazar.

Day 3: Drive to Atal Tunnel Rohtang  – Kunzom la (4551m) - Kaza (3600m), 8-9 hrs.
Today an early departure from Manali, Over land journey by jeep over Atal Tunnel Rohtang, which is the gateway to Lahoul –Spiti, Pangi and Zanskar passing through Chandra Valley, enroute having magnificent view of snow capped mountain of C.B. Ranges and Bara Shigri Glacier. These ranges are part of Pir Panjal range of lower Himalayas. Passing through Kunzum –la (4551m) we arrive at first village of Spiti called Losar (4’000m). By the evening arrival at Kaza. Kaza is a beautiful place and sub-headquarter of Spiti region.

Day 4: At Kaza: Acclimatize
Today explore local bazar at Kaza town. or visit Dankhar, Lalung and Pin valley.

Day 5: Kaza - Langza (4435m): Acclimatize
Langza is situated at an altitude of 14500ft and below the beautiful Chau Chau Kang Nilda peak. You will stay overnight at homestay. Explore and village and short walk in around.

Day 6: Drive to Kee - Kibber (4,205m) - Dumla, Trek to Thaltak (4550m).
Today leaving Kaza short drive to Kee 6 -7 kms. Visit the monastery and Continue drive to Kibber and further to Chichim - Dumla. Dumla is short after Pari Lungbi gorge. Setting off from here first short descent to Dumla through fields of Barley than gradual ascent  arrival on a ridge, from where splendid and spectacular view of Shilla Peak 6303m. to southeast half an hour down to the campsite of Thaltak.

Day 7: Trek to Jugtak / South base camp 4850m. 6 - 7 hrs.
Now trail descend 400 mtrs. Down to Parilungla Chu. Cross the river, Climb to saghthag over moraine stretch. Further gradual and exhausting climb to reach the glaciated valley, one to the north and one to the south. Follow the moraine stretch towards north and then arrive at the campsite of Jugthag at as altitude of 4850m 

Day 8: Trek to Parang la (5570 m) Kharsa gongma (4800 m). 7 - 8 hrs
An eventful day for those who have never climbed this height Before. From camp climb up gradually to Parangla on patches of snow panoramic views of Peaks of Ladakh, Lahoul and Spiti for below in the NW you can see the Pare chu which original from this pass. 4 km. Descendthrough crevasses and glacier then cross the Pare chu. Following the left site of river arrive at campsite of Karsha Gongma.

Day 9: Trek to Dokpo Phirtse (4700m). 6-7 hrs.
Today we cross the river close to campsite and follow the right bank of Pare Chu. Now the valley becomes broaden .Sometimes on riverbed or above river the trail goes to campsite of Dokpo Phirtse. 60 kms stretch through Kharas, Dokpo phirtse, Dakar, Kuru and Thaktote, which are places where Changpas stays during summer time. Gentle and easy walking along the Pare Chu. Small tributaries to be cross before arriving the Dokpo Phirtse camp site.

Day 10: Trek to Umlung (4515 m). 6-7 hrs.
Today again easy walking along the right bank of Pare-chu.Now the valley becomes wide as you follow the Pare-chu.At different places you come across Patches of grass at nomad’s summer place

Day 11: Trek to Norbu sumdo (4300 m). 7 hrs.
Short stretch along the right bank until arriving a place where a stream joins with pare-chu. The trail goes further to chumar village in Tibet. Pare- chu river to be cross at this point and trek up to right and valley. Walk towards right hand valley. As you trek upwards the landscape changes from dusty plain to green pasture ground. Here you will be welcomed by Changpas. (Tibetan nomads) Overnight camp at Norbu Sumdo.

Day 12: Trek to Kyangdam (4573 m). 6-7 hrs.
A wonderful and exciting day of trekking tour, here landscape changes dramatically. Walking through pasture and sandy patches the valley become broader and broader. Walking through Chumik Shilde and crossing stream finally arrive at Tso-moriri Lake. The lake is 24 kms in length and 6 kms wide. Changpas can be seen with their flocks of sheep, goats and yaks near around the lake. Kyang, birds like: bar headed goose, the migratory birds black-necked ducks are also found around the lake.

Day 13: Trek to Korzok 4600m, 7 hrs.
Today after breakfast leaving Kyangdam behind we trek to Korzog along the banks of Tsomoriri Lake. Yet its providing pleasant walk on the shore of lake as well as Chamser and Lungser Kangri peaks remain in sight up to Korzok. Karzok is high altitude village, situated at the west banks of Lake Tsomoriri, inhanitants of Karzok also known as Changpa. Arriving at Korzog we camp at the Phirtse phu river.

Day 14: Trek to Yalung Nyau la (5440m) - Kyama (5170m), 7-8 hrs.
We trek past many large nomadic encampments over Gyam sharma La to Kyama.

Day 15: Trek to Kortse La (5380m) - Kyamayuri la (5430m) - Rachungkaru (4940m), 7-8 hrs.
Today leaving camp we first cross Kortse la and next the Kyamamuri La to Rajung Karu.

Day 16: Trek to Horlam Kongka la (4900m) - Nuruchan (4650m), 6 hrs.
At first trek over the low ridge of Harlam Konka to the small village and Gompa of Nuruchang. Than trail goes over a small pass that takes you to Nuruchan. This area is principally inhabited by the nomadic people with their yaks, sheep and pashmina goat. We are close to Tsokar Lake.

Day 17: Trek to Pongunagu (4580m) / Tsokar Lake 5 hrs.
Today trek along the Tso kar and another best place of our trek. We camp at Pongunagu. Afternoon visit Thugje goma located nearby

Day 18: Pongunagu to Taglang La (5328m) - Leh (3600m) , 7 - 8 hrs.
Walking through a gorge, the challenge of the day is when the river has to be crossed twice. At Rumtse, a vehicle will pick us up here and finally drive to Leh. 

Day 19: At Leh
Rest and relax at Leh and explore Leh bazar.

Day 20: Morning flight Leh to Delhi and onward flight back to home.
Leh to airport drop and on board morning flight Leh - Delhi and onward flight back to home.

What is included in the Price

  • All ground transportation to & fro as per the itinerary. Manali to Leh or Manali to Manali.
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast hotel accommodation in Manali at 3 star hotel on twin sharing basis.
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast hotel accommodation in Kaza at 3 star hotel on twin sharing basis.
  • 1 nights home stay at Langza.
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast hotel accommodation in Leh at 3 star hotel on twin sharing basis.
  • Accommodation on twin share in 3 men 4 season tents,  sleeping bags/liners, foam mattresses, mess tent, stool, chairs, toilet tent. Single tent available on request.
  • All meal during trek - starts with bed tea to breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea /coffee, snacks. from Indian, Tibetan, Chinese to continental cuisine.
  • Support staff: Qualified English speaking Ladakhi or local trekking guide, cook & camp crew.
  • Trekking mules/horses for porterage of your luggage and trekking gear.
  • Camping fee,  climbing permits.
  • GST (Goods and services tax) as applicable.
  • First aid medical kit. 

What is not included in the Price

×     Domestic flight Delhi - Leh, 
×     Rest of hotel in Manali, Leh and New Delhi and lunch, dinner while staying at hotel in Leh & not trekking.
×     Travel insurance.
×     Soft or hard drinks.
×     Entrance fee at monasteries
×     Personal tipping to staff: Guide, cook, helper, horseman, driver. 
×     Any unforeseen cost arises by natural hazards rain, snow, road block which cost extra lodging & boarding beyond trip Schedule.

Trekking Gear

What we provide
We provide all the GROUP GEAR included in the following list:

3-4 Person roomy 4 season tents for 2 - 3 people and individual as well, dining tent, toilet tent and other camping accessories.
Sleeping bags and comfortable foam mattresses.
Kitchen tent, Stoves, fuel, cookware etc.
Bed tea, nutritious breakfast, three course meal (dinner), packed lunch, post trek snacks, tea and coffee.
Trekking poles and Duffel bags for your luggage's.
Basic first aid box and mini oxygen bottles

What you may need - Your personal gear recommended in List :-
Day pack: A bit of bigger size 30 - 40 liters in order to keep fleece, jacket, water bottle, camera, packed lunch

Foot wear :-
Good condition trekking boots – not new used before in your country side for best fit for trekking, water proof.
Camp shoes, light and comfortable as running shoes or sandal ( like Teva ) for river crossing. Its necessity for you to bring sandals for river crossing.
Socks both Woolen and cotton as desire.

Clothing :-
Gore tex jacket or similar.
Down jacket/vest is good for cool evenings.
Wind/Rain jacket: (i.e. gore-tex, northface or similar) waterproof and breathable. Its necessity to have jacket while crossing passes.
Trekking pants, light, comfortable, water proof /breathable.
Long sleeve shirt Light weight dry-fast (for sun/insect protection).
Thermal innerwear winter thermal innerwear.
T-shirts for day time.
One mid weight/heavyweight fleece (long sleeve) jacket or warm pullover.
Short pants, underwear.
Sun Hat: cowboy style or baseball style to protect skin from direct sunlight.
Woolen cap for high altitude or while crossing pass or during evenings in camp.
One fleece or sweatpants for cold evenings during dining.
A pair of Hand gloves or woolen gloves.
Scarf to protect from dust or sunlight around neck. This is available in local markets with variety of colors.

Accessories :- 
Sun glasses with UV protection. An extra sun glass in case to replace.
Sun screen and lip protection.
Moisturizer cream: In Ladakh the air is dry and sun is harsh and strong during day. There are local moisturizer cream available in market. To avoid somehow skin allergy bring your personal cream.
Water bottle. Minimum I - 2 liter.
Trekking poles or sticks. If you have your own folded poles. 
Torch or one head lamp with extra batteries. Petzl or similar.
One toiletries kit, small towel.
Reading and writing materials.
Digital Camera or digital video recorder / solar charger.
Water purification tablets.
Nylon or water proof plastic bags to storage clothes and stuff.
One pocket knife light.

Others :- 
Gaiter / personal  climbing gear. (Can rent at Manali or Leh or Uttarkashi).
Water purification/filter: we boil water for you in the camp, what its essential you to have a water purification tablets or filter during the day of trekking.
Mosquito repellent cream.
Small Binocular.
First aid kit: We carry basic first aid kit with diamox, aspirin, paracetamol, antibiotics for diarrhea, antiseptic, bandage and band aids, Please you bring your personal first aid kit with medicine you think to need necessity for you.
Vitamin tablets or similar. 
Extra passport photos.

"Dear Prem Singh and Tenzin - We would like to express our greatest appreciation to all the efforts made by Govinda, Chin and Prem in making all aspects of our treck and climb enjoyable and memorable.
The whole team worked very hard, even when they must have been in tired, to look after us on the treck and they catered for all our needs.
The food was of outstanding quality and was always varied, plentyfull and very tasty. At all time Govinda, Chin and Prem went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable.
In Perticular we would like to express our appreciation for Govinda, who is an excellent guide - polite, cheerful and enthusiastic at all time. He was great company to be with and we both feel priviledged to have met him.
We would not have wished for a better treck and would thoroughly recommenD Govinda, Chin and Prem to any of your future clients". Yours
Mr. Ray & group, July - United Kingdom


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