Umasi La trek Padder Kishtwar to Zanskar

11 Days

The Greater Himalayan Range is a most formidable barrier between Zanskar and the valleys to the south, a natural frontier for more than just the sides of the valleys. It is a frontier for the monsoon which is broken up on the peaks and exhausted before it reaches Zanskar. Consequently, either side has its own distinctive vegetation and climate. It is a frontier for the inhabitants who are racially, culturally, and religiously worlds apart. It is a frontier which marks differences in the very mountains themselves – by Luke Hughes
Unlike the others, high passes Kang La, Poat La, Shingo La. The Umasi La also is the Southern entrance to Zanskar, situated at the Great Himalayan Range in between Kishtwar and Zanskar. This trek offers one of the spectacular routes.


Setting off from Gulabgarh we follow a well define trail through Oak and conifer forest and pass numbers of beautiful villages with traditional Paddari home i.e., Garh, Kundel, Chishoti, Jashail, etc. Crossing Machail the Buddhist culture starts to appear which has close links with Zanskari for centuries. After Suncham we trek beneath the Kishtwar Shivling 5935 meters and camp in beautiful vast alpine meadows. Taking on the left steep ascent towards hanging valley through boulder, rocks, moraine and then long glacier to beneath the huge rock which has a huge cave mostly used by Paddari and Zanskari people for an overnight shelter for next day early crossing of Umasi La.  After crossing large ice and snowfield arrive at a tiny corridor – Umasi La at the edge of the rock wall. Steep descent through loose rocks and moraine to the long glacier to the natural bridge. Then long descend along the stream and crossing it to Dzonkhul gompa road head finally. You will be driven to Ating and Padum.
NOTE: To do the Umasi La trek – one must have experience of high-altitude trek above 5000m.

Day 1
:  Manali – Rohtang pass (3978m) – Udaipur – Sach – Kilar.
Day 2:  Kilar – Gulabgarh (1850m).
Day 3:  Trek to Chishot (2400m).
Day 4:  Trek to Machail (2750m).
Day 5:  Dharlang valley exploration.
Day 6:  Trek to Jashail -Suncham (3200m) – Suncham doksa (3400m).
Day 7:  Trek to Khachey Phangsa.
Day 8:  Trek to Base (5000m).
Day 9:  Trek to Umasila (5342m / 17300ft) – Gwara.
Day 10:  Trek to Dzonkhul, drive to Padum (3600m).
Day 11:  Padum to Shinkun La (5060m) – Jispa – Manali via Atal Tunnel.


“Good support on all various aspects. 4 season tent to keep me warm all night. Provide sleeping bag and thick mattress; provide rope carabineer for Umasi La glacier travel. Morning bed tea and hot water for washing. Gas stove are in good condition. Its play an important role to prepare a hot meal after a long trek. Porters are helpful for helping me to some obstacle on river crossing, glacier crossing. Folding chair, toilet paper, pass message to my family during trek where std is not available. Driver Raj is very experienced and knowledgeable on the Manali – Paddar valley. To make us a safe trip. Arranged bus ticket from Delhi to Manali. I have to carry only my day bag during trek which i enjoyed. Always choose the best spot for set my tent, client came first. This is my third time of joining Potala Adventurers – achieves the objective with happy memories. I am looking forward to next adventurous holiday with Potala Adventurers in the near future. ”
Mr Stanlay – SINGAPORE – 26th Aug to 16 Sept 2015 (21 days Umasi la & Kanji la combined)
Stanley’s 6th Great Himalayan trek with us.
1. Pang Tsomoriri lake to Kibber trek & Kanamo peak – 2011
2. Zanskar Traverse: Kanji to Sarchu  – 2014
3. Umasi la & Kanji la, Gulabgarh to Padum to Kanji – 2015
4. Pin Parvati & Hamta pass – 2016
5. Poat la & Stok kangri – 2017
6. Kharnak trek & Kang Yatse II – 2019

Trip Highlights

  • An adventurous trek across Greater Himalaya
  • Remote Padder and its Sapphire land
  • High alpine meadows and Bakarwal nomdas Shepherds of Kishtwar
  • The hidden valley and monastery of Dzonkhul


Day 1:
Manali - Atal Tunnel - Udaipur - Sach - Kilar.

Leaving early from Manali through one of the most scenic routes to Udaipur – Killar.

Day 2:
Kilar - Gulabgarh (1850m).

Along the Chenab River to Gulabgarh (1850m).

Day 3:
Trek to Chishot (2400m).

Leaving Gulabgarh, we drive 4 kms and follow a remote route through dense forest of Oak and Cedar to Kunhel. It is well defined trail that leads to Garh and along the right bank at first than crossing bridge to the left and final bridge near Kunhel village. We climb gently to a large riverbed short before Chishot.

Day 4:
Trek to Machail (2750m).

Along the left bank of Liddrari nallah to Hamur village, one of beautiful village with traditional Paddari house. A short before Hamur bridge then along the right bank to Machail.

Day 5:
Dharlang valley exploration.

Losain – Gorna – Dangel – Dharlang valley these three villages situated across the river and at the foot of Agyasol peak. As well enter in Dharlang valley to explore the area.

Day 6:
Trek to Jashail -Suncham (3200m) - Suncham doksa (3400m).

We are now in Buddhist Paddar area and has left the Hindu dominance of South Paddar. We climb through alpine pasture to Jashail village, which consist of only two or three house. The trail pass through the Suncham which is last village in this valley. Continue gradual climb then arrival of a large alpine valley set beneath the peak of Kishtwar Shivling. We camp in the meadows of Suncham and share some time with Bakarwal sherpherds who lives in this valley during summber time with their flocks of sheep and goat.

Day 7:
Trek to Khachey Phangsa.

Short after the camp river crossing, which comes from the the valley leads to Hagshu pass. Now river crossing will take place every other day except only the day we cross Umasi La pass. After hours of walking on vast riverbed we finally climb through boulders with an ill-defined trail to the hanging valley coming from North. Khachey Phangsa campsite provides spectacular view of Kishtwar Shivling.

Day 8:
Trek to Base (5000m).

Now starts of ill-defined trail upto Gwara camp which is located otherside of pass in Zanskar. Short after camp an hour of walking, we cross the river and climb steep to the foot of glacier. Difficult route through boulders and long walk through large Haptal glacier field to the moraine, then steep climb for 2 hours to the base camp which is underneath the huge rockwall. The Paddari and Zanskari uses this rock shelter for next morning crossing the challenging Umasi La pass.

Day 9:
Trek to Umasila (5342m / 17300ft) - Gwara.

It will be cold start next morning, at first, we walk along the edges of large glacier than long traverse through lager glacier field where we have to negotiate with crevasses and find out the best route to the pass. The Umasi La pass is a small corridor in the cliff wall set in high mountain. From pass view of glacier field all around. We descent steep to broad glacier through narrow gully with loose rocks and there are chances of accident especially at this stretch, so by taking precaution we descent by 2 people at one time. After descending we walk through broad glacier which lasts for an hour to Gwara.

Day 10:
Trek to Dzonkhul, drive to Padum (3600m).

We follow the stream and after crossing natural rock bridge descend to valley floor and head upto Dzonkhul. Short before Dzonkhul we cross river and to road head. Our vehicle will be waiting for us here and we drive to Ating and Padum

Day 11:
Padum to Shinkun La (5060m) - Jispa to Manali via Atal Tunnel.

An early departure from Padum to Shinkun La (5060m) – Jispa to Manali via Atal Tunnel.

Cost Includes

  • All ground transportation to & fro as per the itinerary. Leh airport transfer.
  • All camping gear: Kitchen tent, cookware, stoves, fuel. 4 season tents, foam mattress, trekking poles & safety gears.
  • All meals during trek.
  • Qualified & trained mountain guide and experienced crew.
  • Porters for porterage of trekking gear & food items.
  • Camping fee, trekking permits, and park fee.
  • Medical first aid basic kit.
  • Goods and services tax.

Cost Excludes

  • Personal sleeping bags.
  • Hotel in Manali, Leh
  • Travel insurance.
  • Soft or hard drinks.
  • Equipment rentals (Can rent at Leh all trekking and mountaineering gear.
  • Personal tip to staff: Guide, cook, helper, horseman, driver.
  • Any unforeseen cost arises from natural hazards rain, snow, roadblock which cost extra lodging & boarding beyond the trip Schedule.
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What is the best time to do Umasi La Trek

The best time to do Umasi La trek is from Mid-July to Mid-September.

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Trip Info

  • Trekking & Expediton
  • Mid-July to Mid-September
  • 4wd Jeep / Bus
  • Hotel / Tent
  • 8
  • Strenuous
  • 5,342m / 17,300 Ft.
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